Steven Gluckstein

mistrz w skokach na trampolinie USA

Firma Springfree kocha ten sport - tak jak ja. Stworzyła produkt, który pozwala rodzinom przeżyć w bezpieczny sposób i we własnym ogrodzie fascynację ze skakania na trampolinie. Produkt jest wyjątkowy, innowacyjny i doskonale sprężysty. Super zabawa!

Steven Gluckstein

Steven grew up in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey with his parents Loretta and Steve, older sister Amanda and young brother Jeff.

Before trampoline, Steven was involved in taekwondo but after the school closed, his mom signed him up for gymnastics to keep him active. It was there he met his coach, Tatiana Kovalena, who he continues to train with at Elite Trampoline Academy.

At age 11, Steven competed at a national level for the first time. Since then, he has won 11 national titles. In 2010, Steven was ranked number one in the world in synchronized trampoline alongside his partner, Logan Dooley.

In 2012, Steven represented Team USA at the London 2012 Summer Olympics as the only American athlete in the men’s trampoline competition.

When he is not training or competing, you can find Steven coaching trampoline, longboarding, skydiving or studying. He is currently majoring in Business Management at Rutgers University.