Jason Burnett

srebrny medalista igrzysk Olimpijskich 2008

Zabawę i bezpieczne skoki na trampolinie – to zapewnia trampolina Springfree. Kiedy skaczecie, nie trzeba się bać, że wasza noga zostanie uwięziona w sprężynach lub zraniona przez ostre krawędzie. Dzięki oryginalnej i przede wszystkim bezpicznej konstrukcji trampolina Springfree nadaje się na każde podwórko - jest idealna dla całej rodziny.

Jason Burnett

Jason Burnett’s parents enrolled young Jason in gymnastics classes as a way to channel their active son’s excess energy. At the end of each class, Jason was rewarded with a 15 minute jump on the trampoline. Naturally, the trampoline was always Jason’s favourite – it was only a matter of time before his parents found Airborne Trampoline for Jason to join so he could focus his energy on his favourite sport.

By the age of 10, Jason was hooked on the trampoline and his ‘go big or go home’ style had already begun to emerge.

Jason began competing at the national and international level as a youth athlete at the age of 14. Since then, he has competed in several countries and continents around the world as a senior athlete, shattering world records along the way.

At the 2007 World Cup in Lake Placid, Jason completed a routine with a degree of difficulty of 17.5 making him the new FIG-recognized world record holder for the toughest routine performed at a competition. Three years later, Jason surpassed his own record by completing a routine with a degree of difficulty of 18.8 at the 2010 World Cup in Davos, Switzerland. The most difficult routine Jason ever completed had a degree of difficulty of 20.6, achieved during training at Skyriders Trampoline Place.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Jason was awarded the silver medal after completing the most difficult routine in the competition.

Jason once again represented Canada at the 2012 London Olympics. He finished 8th in the men’s competition.

Jason attributes his success to hard work, determination and the support he receives from friends, family, coaches and his sponsors: Springfree Trampoline, CANFund and Sibley and Associates.